Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whew..... So What!

Little hiatus there.  Work is a nut house right now.  I work in the advising office and the University of Louisville.  All these little college kiddies are about to register for spring classes and are making their appointments to see what classes they'll need.  40,000 students.  I think its more like 4 million though.  That's what it feels like some day. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I can't wait to get off work and see the kiddies coming around to trick or treat.  I love seeing what some creative parents have come up with. 

I love So What Wednesday so much here lately.  I think about stuff during the week to write about.  I'll find myself doing something and thinking "you shouldn't have done that."  But then I think... "SO WHAT!!!!  Oh!!  I'll put that on the list for Wednesday!!"  You should seriously go over to Shannon's page and see what all these other hilarious ladies say so what to on Wednesdays. 
  Here goes nothing....  So What If......

  • I haven't posted in a while.  I finally got my grad school application in!!!  And my grad class homework for the week done.  First things first.  Priorities.
  • I give people advice I don't take myself.  Do as I say, not as I do.  
  • I dressed up as a bank robber for work today.  All black everything.  Black toboggan.  Black mask.  And a bag with a dollar sign on it.  I made it last nite at 9:30 in about 15 minutes just so I could wear this toboggan to work.  Ha!
  • I spread myself too thin this week.  We're going on a road trip this weekend and I have to get everything packed for us, get the dog packed up and to my parents' house, trick or treating, laundry, and somewhere in there, I thought it'd be smart to volunteer to make some prizes for my mom's bunco party on Monday.  Somehow, I've gotten 2 of the 3 prizes I committed to done!  Placemats and two hand towels!
  • I have a pumpkin.  It was only $1.99.  But I've run out of time to carve it before the trick or treaters come tonite!!!  Wahh! 
  • Hope yall have a happy Halloween :)

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