Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five!

Thank goodness its Friday.  This week went by fast.  But I think that's only because there was SOOOO much to do.  I had to keep a list of stuff to get done and as I checked stuff off, before I knew it, another day was gone....

I'm linking up for Friday Five again this week.  Check out everyone else who links up over at Carolina Charm or one of the other girls' sites!!

1.  I've seen on Pinterest and several blogs about doing your own gel nails.  I'll be the first to tell you that I refuse to pay $15 for a bottle of nail polish.  Or $50 for some LED light to do my nails.  So right when gel nails were getting popular, I saw on a site to use Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps acrylic nail gel under your polish and it does the same thing.  I've been searching high and low.  And for some reason never checked my normal grocery store..... boom.  There it was.  And its done great so far!  Mind you, I've only had my nails painted for 2 days... I'll give an update later to let you know how it lasts!!  And only $5!!!  I also used another Pinterest trick to put a bandaid on your nail to paint the white tips!  Genius.

2. A year ago today.  I was sitting on the beach.  On my honeymoon.  Thanks Timehop.
3. We have a Halloween party this weekend!!!  Me and the girls are being Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  I'm currently trying to figure out what the hubs will be.... Its last minute, so it has to be quick and cheap!!

4. Currently... I have ONE. MORE. PAPER. to finish before I'm done with my degree... ONE.  This is what my life is like right now.  However, I'm baffled that its already the 24th.  October... where did you go????
5.  Speaking of countdowns.  I bought my first Christmas gift yesterday.  I'll sign off with this:

Happy Friday yall!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday...

This has just been a weird week.  The past two days specifically.  Like nothing has made sense and its like I’m watching my life movie from outside my body.  (I SWEAR I don’t need to be medicated.)

Anyways.  There’s a lot to be thankful for this week!!!

My pop’s birthday was this week.  I’m thankful to have him for another year!!  My parents are incredible people.  I was surely blessed when I was put with them.  After my dad’s awful motorcycle wreck last year, I’m more thankful than ever to have him still.  

I’m thankful that I like to sew.  Or crochet.  Or that I have hobbies in general.  Because the Walking Dead came back on this week and that’s a guaranteed hour of me not being in front of the TV.  Last season, I was watching through my fingers covering my eyes.  And I kinda enjoyed it… But it gives me insane anxiety.  Sewing keeps my heart rate at a manageable level.

Some days… when we can afford a few extras and things we want, but don’t NEED, I’m thankful.  It doesn’t happen often.  But this past week or so, things haven’t been as tight as they’ve been in the past.  And that eases my mind.  I’m nowhere near loaded, but I have ENOUGH.  And enough is all I need. (photo below from Etsy.)

My husband.  How, in God’s name, has it been a year of marriage already?  Our anniversary is Sunday.  One. Whole. Year.  With the same last name.  As a husband and wife.  Contractually tied together by law.  And its been successful.  Like the best year of my life.  And that’s no exaggeration.  I’m thankful for this man God gave me.  He’s more than I deserve.  I hope this next year is even better. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five!! I'm back!

oh. Hi!

I’ve neglected my blog for the past while.  And a crap load has happened in that amount of time!  I’m now in my LAST graduate class and will get my Master’s degree in December.  I’m also married and about to celebrate my first anniversary!!  Crazy how time flies.  
I’ve wanted to start my blog back up for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve been toying with banners and fonts and changing everything from the name to the layout.  I thought the Hallways was appropriate.  Now that my last name is Hall and all.  

Anyways… I’ve been struggling with what to write about!!!  I’ve seen several blogs do a certain thing for each day of the week.  I thought that maybe that would give me the jump start to get back into this.  I may not won’t post every day.  So you won’t get all of these every week.  BUT.  It’s a place for me to start.  And its breaking my writers block! 

Monday: Manic Mondays.  A place to give the weekend roundup and plan for the week ahead.  Highlights if you will. 
Tuesday: To-Do List Tuesday.  I’ll share my to-do list.  And the things that keep repeating on my to-do list because I haven’t done them.  Maybe it’ll hold me accountable.  Or not.  Who knows?  Goal sharing.  That’s what we’ll call that.
Wednesday:  Work in Progress Wednesday.  I’ll show my current crochet/sewing/craft/reading/whateverI’mworkingon.
Thursday: Thankful Thursday.  Basically what I’m thankful for.  Because there’s so much I’m blessed with.
Friday: The Friday Five.  I’ll link up with some other blog ladies and talk about 5 things.    Who knows what they may be.  Events from the week.  Products I like.  Things I’m thinking about/looking forward to.  Anything.  

Friday is as good as any day to start.  
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I’m linking up with these ladies: 
1.        I’ve recently become obsessed with Polyvore.  Its amazing.  How many times have I been looking at my closet, thinking, “I have nothing to wear.”  When it actually turns out that I have a ton of crap to wear, I just need to THINK about what goes together.  Top that off with my newly insane love for scarves, and Polyvore saves the day.  You can put together outfits.  What I create may not be the *specific* item that I own, but you can bet its dang close.  AND they have an app… so when I’m having a clothes dilemma, I can pull up the outfits I’ve created on my phone and figure something out!  I’ve been dreaming of this outfit here for a while.  Can’t wait to wear it!
2.       We’re going on a date tonite!!!  We seriously have a giftcard from Olive Garden that was given to us AT. OUR. WEDDING. (356 days ago…)  Gonna use that up tonite, and then go see Gone Girl.  I’m jacked to see Gone Girl.  I’ve heard its amazeballs (p.s. my computer didn’t underline amazeballs as misspelled.  Weird.).  I read Gone Girl while we were on vacation this summer and have been counting down the days til it came out. 

3.       I taught myself a new crochet stitch this week.  It’s a little hard.  And I need to get some fat knitting needles to do it correctly.  But its so pretty!!  This is going to be a sweet scarf!

4.       I’ve been experimenting with deer meat this week.  Since hunting season is coming up, and we still have some deer meat to eat, I thought I’d find some new recipes.  I made shredded deer bbq last night in the crock pot.  AH-mazing.  Hubs loved it, so I’ll def be making it again!

5.       My puppy turned 3 on Wednesday.  He’s awesome.  That’s all.