Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh HAPPY Day!!!!

I'm beyond ecstatic today!!!!!  I left work early on Friday to go on our roadtip this weekend.  When I came into work this morning, this was waiting on me....
I got officially got accepted into my Master's program!!!!  Before, they had admitted me conditionally because I hadn't taken the GRE yet.  I got my application in last Tuesday and had this little baby waiting on me when I got to work this morning.  Lovely.  I'm 100% official now.  Feels freakin good!!!!

I'm super pumped to have tomorrow off for the election.  And super pumped that I won't have to see that nonsense for a long while.  I hate poliltical commercials.  And I hate even more that I live just across the river from Indiana and we get their political ads on TV too!  And half the time they don't even tell you what state they're running in.  There's nothing pretty about politics.

On a sad note.  I'm 99% sure my pup is allergic to the food we've been feeding him.  My vet friend, Kacy, recommended we switch to a Lamb and Rice formula dog food to get away from the chicken/corn mixture.  I'm so hoping it works..  Poor guy is scratching himself raw.  Anybody have any tips???  Some websites say it could take 4-6 wks for the symptonms to go away, if they go away.  It could be a many week trial and error thing if the lamb and rice doesn't work for him.  I feel terrible.  Like I'm a bad dog mommy. 

My friends and I went to Red River Gorge this past weekend for a road trip get away.  We had a blast.  There were 12 of us.  I don't think people understand how nuts my friends are.  We kept saying we wished there was a video camera taping us all the time.  You all wouldn't believe the funny stuff that goes on.  Love them to pieces. 

Hope you had a good weekend and got good news today too!!!

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