Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pinsperation Project!

Howdy folks.  Happy Tuesday.  As happy as Tuesday can be.  Nothing really to look forward to on Tuesdays.  Blah.  (**Warning.... Picture overload...**)

Well, surprise, surprise.  I got all crafty and Pinteresty again this weekend.  BUT, I had some help this time.  Boyfriend went hunting.  And you remember my sleeping alone phobia.  So my niece came over to keep me company.  We had tons of fun.

First, we got inspired from this pin:

Basically, you make pizza dough from TWO things!!!  So freakin easy.  Greek yogurt and self rising flour.  Boom.  Pizza dough.  Here's our pizzas after cooking!
YUM.  Not your typical round pizza, but hey, we're beginners here.  I don't sling dough for a living.  Don't judge me.  After pizza we went to grab some froyo at our new OrangeLeaf by my house.  Here's Cam eating her coffee froyo.
That ish is DELICIOUS.  Then we went to Target and played in the Halloween costumes.  Homegirl thought she was an Angry Bird.
Awesome.  This is what cool aunts do.  They let you do all the crap your parents would yell at you for.  Play away little birdie.  Just don't break anything I'd have to buy :)  The next day, we decided to make what we saw on this pin:
(The link has been deleted.... or else I'd have linked back.  Apparently Pinterest thought this link was "dangerous.") You basically make the cake as normal and put it in the cupcake holder and then put a couple drops of food coloring in each one and swirl with a toothpick!  Super easy and cool looking. Here's Our cuppy cakes before baking.
And after icing!  More deliciousness.
I sent the majority of these bad boys home with her for the brothers.  The last thing I need in my house is freakin sweets. We also did nails inspired by this pin.
Paint your nails, let them dry, make a design with a silver sharpie, and clear coat them!  Again, super easy.  Here's her final product!
And mine!

After that, we were all pinterested out.  ha.  I also gave my cousin the little beanies from this post.  

No bueno.  Turns out, little Ty has a larger than normal dome.  No worries.  We will make new ones :)  That's what I'll be working on this week!!!

You should go over to LuLu and Sweet Pea and join up with their Pinsperation Project!!!!!


  1. Yay! I love that you got SO Pinteresty! The silver sharpie thing is a darn good idea. I need to try it! Seems much easier for nail art. The cupcakes are my favorite though. They look fun AND cute and I bet my kids would love making those :)

    Thanks for linking up again doll!

  2. This post made me very hungry! Looks like you had a great weekend!