Friday, October 19, 2012

Not So Exciting News!

Well.  I'm a dunce. 

True story.  Turns out the old saying is true.  You DO get what you pay for.  My $3 domain name was a bust.  (FYI, always go with a name you know, not the cheapest.)  It turns out Network Solutions, the company I bought my domain name from, isn't exactly compatible with Blogger.  The link that Google gives me to direct my domain to my blog is T               H              I           S          L          O     N          G!!!!!!  The blank that I get to paste that link in on the Network Solutions page.  Its only thislong.  I called.  They said they can't fit it.  Google will have to give me a shorter link.  Only you have to be the President, the Pope, or the Queen to speak to anybody at freakin Google. 

So, being the genius that I am, I decide I'll transfer the domain name to Go Daddy.  Easy peasy.  And only $7.99 more.  No biggie.  Only to find out AFTER I transfer it, that there are internet rules that say you can't transfer from one company to the other until the domain name is over 60 days old.  Mine was 3.  Shoot me now. 

So on December 14th, you'll finally be able to reach me at my new domain.  Maybe I'll have a re-vamp by then and I'll do yall a little dance number.  GAH.

On a brighter note.  I learned something new today.

I stopped at Wally World on the way to work and bought some needles and freakin TAUGHT  MYSELF TO KNIT!!!!! 

I'm still very wobbly.  But practice makes perfect.  And now I want every size knitting needles available.  These big ones are sort of awkward.  And they make my stitches pretty loose.  I want a tight knit.  I need the smaller ones for sure.

Well, happy Friday yall!!!  My ol man is going hunting this weekend and to put up his tree stand for deer season.  I'm going to spend some time with my niece because I don't want to sleep alone never get one on one time with her.  Well, those are both true.  It'll be a nice change of pace. 

Hope yall have a wonderful fall weekend.  And enjoy the trees while they're pretty.  They'll be bare before too long!!!!

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