Friday, October 12, 2012

Fab Friday!!!

Happy Fab Friday folks!!!!!!  I've been a blog stranger this week.  But for good reason.  I'll tell you why in a sec.  However, I'm linking up with Laura at Between the Lines this week for her Fab Fridays!  I needed something exciting to round out the end of this crazy week!  Lots to talk about!

FIRST,  and most exciting.  I took the GRE on Wednesday.  And blew it out of the freaking water.  I have no idea how I did it.  I studied my behind off last weekend and Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe it was that hard work paying off, maybe it was God giving me a break and a boosting my confidence levels.  I had been doing math problems out of my @$$ for hours around 1 on Tuesday, telling whoever gave a crap what X equaled, when I finally finished a section and had only missed 3 out of the 20 questions.  85%.  Good enough for me.  Sounded like a good stopping point.  I quit studying.  Then I go in this dang test.  And you literally get the feeling like you're checking in for a 5 year prison sentence.  Check your stuff in a locker, empty your pockets, take off your watch, raise your sleeves and pant legs, GET WANDED WITH A METAL DETECTOR!!!!!  Seriously, what the hell people?!  I'm taking a test, not trying to get on a plane!  Anyways.  It turned out AWESOME.  I needed a score of 170 to get into my grad program.  I killed that ish with a 303!!!!!  BOOM!

Also fab is that I've gone on a crocheting spree here lately!!!  I've made four beanies so far.  Two for me, one for the boyfriend for hunting, and one for his friend he hunts with.  I'm done with hunter's orange thank you very much.  I've been commissioned by my cousin to make a couple for her babe too.  AND yesterday, I got overly ambitious and started a freakin HOODIE!  Not sure what I was thinking.  Its a huge project.  If I EVER finish it, I'll wear that sucker every damn day.  95 degrees and I'm in a bathing suit and hoodie.  Mark my words. 

I'm loving fall.  Everything about it.  Bonfires.  Leaves changing.  Colder.  Chili.  Hoodies and jeans.  I got a frickin pumpkin for $1.99 at Aldi the other day.  I'm gonna carve that sucker like a VW bus.  And I want a cocktail made of apple cider and spiced rum while I do it too. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful fall too!  I'll be back next week with some fun pinterest/crafty crap!  See you then!

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