Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Monday

I've linked up with Ap at ILYMTC this week for Project Pinterest!
This week's project was a yarn wreath for my front door!!!!  I've had the stuff to do this  No literally.  Since the beginning of summer.  You see... my goal is to do the next season's crafts in the season before (i.e.  do fall's crafts in summer, winter's crafts in fall.... etc.) so that I can stay on top of my crafting game.  I don't have to wait til the end of fall to finally put up my fall wreath.  I get to enjoy it the whole fall!  BUT!  Life gets in the way.  And I just now got to my fall wreath... which was inspired from THIS pin!

First of all... my personal suggestion to make your yarn wreath... would be to go buy pool noodles NOW!!!!  They're on clearance from the summer ending and they are mucho cheapero than buying foam wreaths.  $1 > $5!!!!  Duct tape that puppy in a circle and you got a wreath.  BOOM!

 Now comes the circling.  With the yarn.  Over and over again.  It. Gets. Boring.  But it makes a super cute wreath!!  Once I was done covering it with yarn, I made some twirly felt flowers and hot glued those bad boys on.  Ta da!  Wreath dominated.
Now I need to get busy on my Christmas wreath.  And the decorations for my mantle.  I also added a few more decorations to the house this weekend for fall.  They're pretty cute!
Simple blessings on our china hutch in the kitchen.  $2 for the pumpkin and $1 for the leaves!!!  Yeah buddy!

I added some leaves to my existing decor too.  And finally I added some little baby wreaths to my windows on each side of the TV with some fall ribbon!
Perfect.  Just enough for fall.  Now.... for Christmas, I'll go nuts.  I can't freakin wait.  Next week's project will be for the mantle decor for Christmas!

This was last week's project.  Inspired from HERE
They now live on each side of our TV in the bedroom!!!!
I ad-libbed the K and B.  I think they're awesome though.  Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So What Wednesday

Oh.  Hi.  Its time for So What Wednesday. 

So what if......
  • I quit taking my antibiotics before I finished them.  I mean... did you SEE those horse pills in my last blog???
  • I booked my hair appointments from now til the end of the year.  I refuse to go to Thanksgiving or Christmas with 2 inch roots....
  • I quit with Halloween this year.  I mean... I'm 26.  Time to stop wasting money on costumes and dressing like a hooker.  
  • That last statement officially means I'm getting old.  Sigh....
  • I'm already planning Christmas parties at my house.  Um, hello.  There's only 96 shopping days left.  Better get a move on!!!
  • I think some stuff on Pinterest is effing GENIUS.  It seriously makes me mad that I'm not clever enough to come up with that crap.
  • Other stuff on Pinterest is a joke.  I mean... really.  When are you ever going to fill a truck bed with blankets and go stargazing.  Seriously people, I have crap to get done.  Like that stupid yarn wreath I've been looking at making for 3 months.
  • I say I'm going to get ahead and do my homework so I don't have to wait til the last minute.  Then I procrastinate and wait til the last minute to do my homework.  Never.  Ending.  Cycle.
  • Just because I'm on a diet, I've been craving sweets.  I never crave sweets.  The devil is involved here somewhere.
What do you say So What to this week?  Head on over and link up with Shannon.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Return from the dead.....

I have returned to the land of the living. Whew.

I came down with something awful this weekend.

The yard sale was a bust.  We woke up at 7am and it was raining.  Chalking it up as a loss, we went back to bed.  Only to wake up to a BEAUTIFUL FREAKING DAY at 11.  So much for that yard sale.  After making a lap around the neighborhood, ours would have been the crappiest one in the whole subdivision.  The people in my neighborhood are NO JOKE about yard sales.  If there were an Olympic sport for it, Prairie Village would take the gold.

So anyways.... got myself ready, made sure the BF knew what brand of butt covers to buy for the diaper party and we parted ways to go to our respective baby shower events.  (Which, BTW, I'll add here that it is pretty damn bogus for dudes to get to go drink massive amounts of beer and eat hot wings while chicks gotta "ooh" an "awe" and baby talk for 2 hours while the miserably pregnant mother to be does her best not to give birth while opening seven million onesies.  How fair is this?  Don't get me wrong.... my friends are the prettiest pregnant broads you ever saw.  And we can throw one hell of a party.... But this gender standard BS is for the birds.....)

Back to the regularly scheduled program.

Got thru that, watched my Cards put an ass-whoopin on Mizzou State and then got the fever.  The real one, not the figurative one.  Within an hour of dinner, I was begging to go home.  Sunday.... I, the early riser, the can't-sleep-past-8-am person that I am, slept until 4 in the afternoon.  I knew it was bad this time.

Called out sick Monday and headed straight to the doctor.  He gave me these horse pill antibiotics and something to decongest me.  I can barely swallow these suckers.  And when I do... I fear I'll need the Heimlich. 
My pup must have known I was puny.  He followed me around and sat wherever I sat all day.
Tuesday wasn't much better.  But I did get some crafting done while my face was dripping mucus.
I made these canvases for each side of the TV in our bedroom.  They turned out perfect!!!
Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.  I painted the canvases the same color as our bedroom walls.  And I used a paper doily from the cake section at Hobby Lobby since I didn't have real doilies. I added my own little flair with the letters.  I also finished BF's tree stand steats for this hunting season.  His cushions were dryrotted and he wanted a thicker foam for his sensitive little bum.  So I went to work like a BOSS and made these:
He's all pumped and stuff.  :)  Then I started this toilet paper art idea that I found on Pinterest.
There are now 23 billion little TP flowers all over the place at my house.  I also cut out a quilt.  And lastly, taught myself to crochet a beanie.  I knew how to crochet before, but not in a circle or to make a beanie with increasing stitches and decreasing stitches.  I had to force myself to follow a pattern and count stitches and the like.  It turned out pretty good.  At least BF thinks so :)
Pink is so his color.

So far this week, I've learned that I'm craft ADD.  I went from one project to the next and didn't clean anything up after myself.  And if it weren't for feeling like poo and 643 nose blowings per day, I'd say being sick wasn't so bad.  But then I take another horse pill and I'm reminded that it SUCKS.

Hope you've had a better week than me!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five

WHAT?! Two posts in one day??? Yup. Getting back on my game. I saw Shannon over at Life After I Dew had linked up with Julie at Ross Family Adventures to do the Friday Five!
The premise is... What FIVE things would you buy if you had $100 laying around?? Here goes.... 1. A Wine Fridge This one is $90... We're about to start renovating our basement and there's a built in bar. I'd kill for this. But for now, we have to spend money on paint and drywall and flooring. Bo-Ring. 2. New Tennis Shoes These Nike Shox are A-Mazing. I love the black. I'd kill for these. Hint Hint for a Christmas gift??? 3. A New Silver Watch The battery in my old silver watch died. And I'd rather have a new one. The coating is coming off the inside of the watch and I'd rather just replace it. 4. Egyptian Cotton 1500 Thread Count King Size Deep Pocket Sheets (whew!) We have cheap sheets. Point blank. I wanna know what its like to sleep like a queen!!!!! 5. A Kick Ass Hair Straightener It doesn't have to be this one... just one who does its job flawlessly. I mean, I use the thing on a daily basis. Just straighten my hair well already!
Now who's gonna give me the money???

I'm baaaaaack!!!!!

Oh hi. Remember me? The girl who said she'd blog her little heart out and then hasn't touched it in months??? Well. I wouldn't say I haven't touched it in months... I open my blog list up and read all my favorites a couple times a week. But haven't touched the "Create New Post" button. Well, I'm back. And a lot has changed. I haven't posted since MARCH. Good grief. Over the summer: the dog decided to eat EVERYTHING in our house, I decided to take a summer class to get back into the swing of going to college, we got broker, we got fatter, I started sewing and decorating, my grandfather passed away, I enrolled in grad school, and I had a mental breakdown. First: THE DOG. I love this dog to pieces. But seriously. Earlier in the summer, in a matter of days.... he destroyed our window sill, a hole in the drywall, ate a baseboard, two rugs, 3 movies, his cage, the ignite button on our gas grill, etc. etc. I'm over it. He's pretty much quit chewing, but its still annoying. I'm ready for him to be out of the puppy stage for Pete's sake! He is super cute tho!
Second: School! When I received my bachelors degree in 2008, I swore I was done with school forever. SIKE!!!! Now that I work at U of L, I'd be an idiot not to go back and get my masters since its FREE!!! Let me repeat that. FREE!!!! So yes, I re-enrolled and took a summer class to get myself back in the swing of college life. Also because my office is DEAD in the summer. No students=no work. So I did all my school work while I was actually at work. NOW, I am enrolled in my first graduate class. I was super nervous, but it turns out that its almost easier than my undergrad classes were. However, part of my nervous breakdown included the fact that I have to take the GRE in October. It costs a whopping $175 to take!!!! So the pressure is on... if I don't pass the test and get the score I need for my grad program, then I've wasted $175. Which is a lot of money to me right now. Plus I have to purchase a program online to submit my papers for my class that is $98. And $66 in fees that aren't covered by being an employee at the university. So doing well in my classes is a MUST if I'm spending this kind of money on it. Wish me luck. And PRAY for me to have focus to study between now and October 10th, when I'm registered for the GRE! Third: We got broker and fatter. For sure. On both. My clothes don't fit. I'm over it. Diet starts Monday. I'm going for a lifestyle change. Then maybe this won't be such a problem anymore. And now that I have so many bills for school and stuff, I'm going to get much stricter on how we spend what little we do have. Nothing besides groceries, gas, and bills. Maybe spending less will have a positive effect on our diet too. No more going out drinking and stopping for WC or Taco Bell. While you're praying for my focus.... go ahead and pray for me to have self-control too. :) Fourth: I started sewing and decorating the house. I finished our Christmas tree skirt. And right now I'm working on a baby shower gift for this weekend. I'll post pics after the gift is given so I don't ruin it :) I've cut out a fall colored quilt...
I also found some bargains at the dollar tree for some fall decorations for our house:
We also broke down and got some fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works!
Hopefully with my overhaul on diet and stuff, I'll be more on track with blogging. Pray for that too while you're at it ;)