Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What Wednesday!

Ahhh... My favorite blog day of the week.  The day I get to LET. IT. OUT.  So What Wednesday.  You already know the premise here.  I link up with Shannon.  We whine and justify the mishappenings and oddities from the past week.  Boom.  Go check out her blog!!  Lots of ladies have linked up with her, and quite frankly, its hysterical to see what people say so what to.

Any who.......

Here's what I say so what to this week!!!!

  • So what if I've been dieting for two weeks and the scale hasn't moved.  I never trusted that scale to begin with.  I FEEL better and my clothes are fitting different.... but that damn scale! AGH!  So what.  So what.  So what.  Chant with me people......
  • So what if I don't count my coffee each morning in my daily calorie count.  Its going to happen regardless, so whats the point?  And no, I don't 
  • So what if I'm the poster girl for the Pinterest site?!  I'm loving that crap.  I secretly think that there was something similar to Pinterest all along and that's where Martha Stewart got all her ideas.  Cuz that broad doesn't seem half as crafty now that I have a website to consult before I do ANYTHING:  cook, sew, craft, crochet, get dressed, decorate my house... blah blah blah.....  I love that crap.  Lord help me if the site ever crashes..... I think I do at least one thing a day that I learned on there.
  • So what if I'm supposed to be studying for the GRE right now instead of blogging.  My brain seriously goes to mush when this freakin study book asks me to find the value of x.  I. Don't. Care.  And honestly, I'm never going to have to find the area of a triangle for the rest of my life.  I made it through my undergrad career and got my bachelor's degree, can't the master's program accept that as their proof that I'm not a blazing moron?!  AND save me $175 for this dang test.....
  • So what if I'm choosing my next semester's classes based on what books my co-workers have.  If one book costs flipping $170, I'll gladly take a class that my buddy has a book for and save that dough.  And I'll like it too. 
  • So what if I just keep talking about making an Etsy site.... and never do it.  Its the thought that counts right?!  Although, I do need to get on it.  I could seriously use the extra dough.  I just don't understand how some people have the time to work a full time job and crank out quilts and crap like its no big deal.  When I get home, I wanna eat and watch Jeopardy.  End of story.  But I guess I could be working on that crafty stuff while I watch TV.... shoot.  
  • So what if I want to put up the Christmas tree now?!  I promise I'll decorate it with little pumpkins until Thanksgiving!
What are you saying So What to this Wednesday????


  1. When I did WW and count my calories, I never count my coffee either. Like you said its going to happen regardless. :)

    Cute blog.

  2. I would love to follow your blog but I can't seem to find any of the buttons for it! Can I follow via GFC and/or Twitter?