Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What Wednesday!

Oh.... So What Wednesday.

Tons of people do this thing...  Go see Shannon's page to check them all out!
This week, I say So What ......

  • oh, to the fact that I took the GRE --TWO WEEKS AGO-- today.  And STILL haven't gotten my freakin graduate application submitted yet.  I officially finished the last piece today, and hopefully will get that puppy in by Friday.  Hopefully.
  • if I want to buy 500 bags of Halloween candy for the little punks in our neighborhood.  I want to throw candy off my front porch in slow motion while the little kiddies pick it up like its fallin from a damn pinata.  Boyfriend doesn't agree.  That shit is expensive. 
  • if I've been cranking out baby beanies like its my day job.... while I'm at my day job....  Oh, the college kids can wait... I've got 5 more stitches to finish this row.... (wink, wink.  I kid, I kid.)
  •  Exhibit A:
  • if I don't think knitting is the thing for me.  I've knitted a section of like 15 rows.  Then effed it up and undid the whole dang thing.  I need to stick with crocheting.  I get that stuff.  I can do it fast.  I can do a million different things with it.  And quite frankly.... I don't care to learn to knit.  
  • now I have 4 pair of knitting needles, and don't wanna do it anymore. oops.
  • if I didn't do jack crap this weekend to clean our house.  We've had two dogs for the past 2 weeks.  I wanted to wait til the visitor left.  That was my excuse reasoning. And I've yet to take myself back up on that idea.  Seems like every night this week, there's been something come up....  Frozen yogurt on sale, dinner with my parents, babies being born.... hey, those things don't happen often.  Carpe freakin diem.  I'll do the dumb ish later.
  • if I'm counting down the days til Christmas.  Its my perogative.  Bobby Brown told me so.  (61 days in case you were wondering!)
  • if I'm also counting down the days til Thanksgiving, which means I can officially start Christmas decorating.  (28 days there....)
  • if I used to wonder why the hell people went all out decorating for holidays.  I always thought nobody would ever care about that crap.  Now I have my own house and it all makes freakin sense.  Iwannputbowsandcraponeverything!!!!!!  Like... seriously.  You just wait til Christmas.  Santa will puke on my house.  Promise.
  • if you judge me for this crap.  I.  Don't.  Care. :)
Hope you're having a happy hump day!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute. I have been trying to make them too lately but I can't do any of the cute little additions (flowers, ears etc). Yours is adorable. I wish I was that good!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm on my way!!! Lets get together soon!!! Please!! I miss you!