Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I {don't} love Thursday!

I've returned from the dead!!!!!  I once was lost, but now I'm found!! 

No joke.  My life has been at 100mph for the past few weeks.  I work in a college advising office.  The kids just got to register before Thanksgiving, so my work life was insane for about 2 weeks.  Then I took the whole week of Thanksgiving off.  Came back to stacked up homework due for my master's class.  And now I've finally caught up.

When I opened up my reading pane of the blogs I follow, I saw that Melissa has started this new gem of Things I don't love Thursday.
Love the idea.  I get to blast all the crap that's annoyed me for a bit.  Here goes nothing!!!!!

1.  Christmas Music.
I'm straight up dreading going into a store and hearing that crap.  Its the same 10 songs over and over.  It doesn't make me cheery people.  Its just annoying....  I hate hearing 795 different versions of We Wish You A Merry Christmas.  Don't get me wrong.  I have a couple of Christmas songs I do like.  O Holy Night gets me every time.  Love it.  But I don't need the Garth Brooks version, the Backstreet Boys version, Mariah Carey version, and Barry Manilow to all sing me the same song over and over for the next month until Christmas.  Bah Humbug.

2.  My Dog's Separation Anxiety. 
I do, in fact, HATE this crazy syndrome he has.  He is fine while we're at home.  But the MINUTE we leave, he goes ape shit.  He has literally snapped the wires on his wire crate and pulled on them until he has a hole he can get out of.  We've zip tied that puppy so much that its irreparable.  So we decided to leave him out of it and see how he does.  Days 1-3 were amazing.  He didn't tear anything up!  Day 4, all hell broke loose.  He got crap off the mantle. He broke mini blinds at MY EYE LEVEL.  He destroyed everything on the fridge that he could reach.... magnets, invitations, coupons, the whole shebang.  Back to the crate.  But now its so broken, there's no point.  Monday, he ate 3 Christmas tree ornaments.  I'm at my wits end.  So we ordered a freakin jail cell for him.  No way to escape this:
At least I don't think so.....  I'm also looking into getting him a ThunderShirt.  Apparently the pressure they put on the pup will calm him down.  They relate it to swaddling a baby.  Its $40 and has a 45 day money back guarantee.  If it doesn't work for your dog within the 45 days after purchase, you can return it.  Its worth a try.....

3.  No One likes my Etsy Store
I haven't had a single hit on the stuff I've put on Etsy yet!!!  Its been about 2 weeks, and nothing.  I've had lots of orders from friends on Facebook for baby beanies and stuff!  Its kept me busy!!!  And I love having the extra $$ around Christmas time!  But I'd make more stuff to put on there if I knew people were going to buy it!!!!!  Poop.

4.  Hostess is out of business.....
This is pure bologna.  And these Walgreens brand Twinkies are not the same. 

Go link up with Melissa today!!!!


  1. Make a button for your Etsy shop and I will put it on my blog!!!

  2. I agree! I'd put a button up for your shop if you have one!

    Thanks for linking up! Hope you link up again tomorrow ;)