Thursday, December 20, 2012

ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woooo Hooo!!!!!!!  Its official yall!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am up and running with!!!!!!  So excited that its finally working! is amazing.  They are fast and efficient!  Highly recommended if you are going to purchase a domain name!

I've been gone for a while!!!  I've been crocheting my behind off.  Only my behind didn't go anywhere.  Plus I had finals for school.  (4.0 in my master's program so far!! whoop whoop!!!!)  And then Christmas began.  But now that my bloggy is so official, I'll be posting more often. 

I have some new years resolutions that I'll share in a post after Christmas.  I'll probably only make one more post this year to share Christmas news and then the overhaul for the new year!  I'm going to be changing a lot in the next year. 

Which brings me to my next point....  Does anybody have any recommendations on blog makeovers?  I'm ready to move on from the cookie cutter Blogger layouts and sort of embrace my own "brand" if you will.  Just another part of the new year overhaul!  :)

I'll bring you up to speed on some things that have happened since I last posted....
  • My dog has broken two wire crates now.....The second one being a "heavy duty" crate..... The vet says he has severe separation anxiety.  They put him on Prozac and he wears a Thundershirt and doesn't even have to be in the crate!!!!!  Its amazing.  Its like somebody swapped dogs.  He's so good now.  Still playful, not drugged up, but behaves!!!!!  I love it.  Going on two weeks now that he hasn't been crated and its a glorious thing.
  • I'm going back to my natural hair color tomorrow.  I've been red for a long bit.  
  • I'm going for this:
  • I'll post pics with the Christmas update as to how it turns out :)  
  • My crocheting has taken off!  So many friends with little ones have gotten hats!!!  And I thank you all dearly for it!  I love doing something that I love to do and other people love it as well.  Still no sales from Etsy.  But maybe with adding some more stuff to my store, I'll get some.  I'm going to crochet all year next year and try to do a craft sale at one of the high schools around here.  
  • HUNTING SEASON IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!!  Happy to have my hunter back home now.  :)

That's all for now.  I'll be back in a week or so with my end of the year Christmas update and then the New Year/New Me post!!!!  Keep an eye and ear out for bloggy designers for me!  I'd love some suggestions!!!


  1. Hey Zoe Hart.... what is the name of your ETSY store?