Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinterest Monday

I've linked up with Ap at ILYMTC this week for Project Pinterest!
This week's project was a yarn wreath for my front door!!!!  I've had the stuff to do this  No literally.  Since the beginning of summer.  You see... my goal is to do the next season's crafts in the season before (i.e.  do fall's crafts in summer, winter's crafts in fall.... etc.) so that I can stay on top of my crafting game.  I don't have to wait til the end of fall to finally put up my fall wreath.  I get to enjoy it the whole fall!  BUT!  Life gets in the way.  And I just now got to my fall wreath... which was inspired from THIS pin!

First of all... my personal suggestion to make your yarn wreath... would be to go buy pool noodles NOW!!!!  They're on clearance from the summer ending and they are mucho cheapero than buying foam wreaths.  $1 > $5!!!!  Duct tape that puppy in a circle and you got a wreath.  BOOM!

 Now comes the circling.  With the yarn.  Over and over again.  It. Gets. Boring.  But it makes a super cute wreath!!  Once I was done covering it with yarn, I made some twirly felt flowers and hot glued those bad boys on.  Ta da!  Wreath dominated.
Now I need to get busy on my Christmas wreath.  And the decorations for my mantle.  I also added a few more decorations to the house this weekend for fall.  They're pretty cute!
Simple blessings on our china hutch in the kitchen.  $2 for the pumpkin and $1 for the leaves!!!  Yeah buddy!

I added some leaves to my existing decor too.  And finally I added some little baby wreaths to my windows on each side of the TV with some fall ribbon!
Perfect.  Just enough for fall.  Now.... for Christmas, I'll go nuts.  I can't freakin wait.  Next week's project will be for the mantle decor for Christmas!

This was last week's project.  Inspired from HERE
They now live on each side of our TV in the bedroom!!!!
I ad-libbed the K and B.  I think they're awesome though.  Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?!


  1. What did we do before Pinterest? HAHA. I could think of a million things. I was also much richer and didn't spend my grocery money at Hobby Lobby! LOL! I love that yarn wreath!!! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I always wondered if the pool noodle worked for a wreath! Yours turned out great- even if you were. bored. HAHA!! :)