Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!!!!!

Oh hi. Remember me? The girl who said she'd blog her little heart out and then hasn't touched it in months??? Well. I wouldn't say I haven't touched it in months... I open my blog list up and read all my favorites a couple times a week. But haven't touched the "Create New Post" button. Well, I'm back. And a lot has changed. I haven't posted since MARCH. Good grief. Over the summer: the dog decided to eat EVERYTHING in our house, I decided to take a summer class to get back into the swing of going to college, we got broker, we got fatter, I started sewing and decorating, my grandfather passed away, I enrolled in grad school, and I had a mental breakdown. First: THE DOG. I love this dog to pieces. But seriously. Earlier in the summer, in a matter of days.... he destroyed our window sill, a hole in the drywall, ate a baseboard, two rugs, 3 movies, his cage, the ignite button on our gas grill, etc. etc. I'm over it. He's pretty much quit chewing, but its still annoying. I'm ready for him to be out of the puppy stage for Pete's sake! He is super cute tho!
Second: School! When I received my bachelors degree in 2008, I swore I was done with school forever. SIKE!!!! Now that I work at U of L, I'd be an idiot not to go back and get my masters since its FREE!!! Let me repeat that. FREE!!!! So yes, I re-enrolled and took a summer class to get myself back in the swing of college life. Also because my office is DEAD in the summer. No students=no work. So I did all my school work while I was actually at work. NOW, I am enrolled in my first graduate class. I was super nervous, but it turns out that its almost easier than my undergrad classes were. However, part of my nervous breakdown included the fact that I have to take the GRE in October. It costs a whopping $175 to take!!!! So the pressure is on... if I don't pass the test and get the score I need for my grad program, then I've wasted $175. Which is a lot of money to me right now. Plus I have to purchase a program online to submit my papers for my class that is $98. And $66 in fees that aren't covered by being an employee at the university. So doing well in my classes is a MUST if I'm spending this kind of money on it. Wish me luck. And PRAY for me to have focus to study between now and October 10th, when I'm registered for the GRE! Third: We got broker and fatter. For sure. On both. My clothes don't fit. I'm over it. Diet starts Monday. I'm going for a lifestyle change. Then maybe this won't be such a problem anymore. And now that I have so many bills for school and stuff, I'm going to get much stricter on how we spend what little we do have. Nothing besides groceries, gas, and bills. Maybe spending less will have a positive effect on our diet too. No more going out drinking and stopping for WC or Taco Bell. While you're praying for my focus.... go ahead and pray for me to have self-control too. :) Fourth: I started sewing and decorating the house. I finished our Christmas tree skirt. And right now I'm working on a baby shower gift for this weekend. I'll post pics after the gift is given so I don't ruin it :) I've cut out a fall colored quilt...
I also found some bargains at the dollar tree for some fall decorations for our house:
We also broke down and got some fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works!
Hopefully with my overhaul on diet and stuff, I'll be more on track with blogging. Pray for that too while you're at it ;)

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