Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things......

Well, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. We were really busy with working for my dad the past weekend and now that its all over, we're focusing back on the house again! Yaay! I'm ready to finally start getting things done so that we can have a housewarming party!!! This weekend, we finished painting the kitchen, painted our front door and moved the rest of the furniture in out of the garage.
Here's the new china cabinet:

and our armoire in the spare bedroom...(I think the armoire looks like one of the dancing pieces of furniture from Beauty and the Beast... lol)

My next task is to get my sewing room in order so that I can make valances for my kitchen and bathrooms... Here's the disaster that is my sewing room so far:

and the closet...

And yes.... that is THREE tubs full of fabric that I washed...

It took me 4 loads to do all of it! Then of course, I had to cut it all apart because of the frayed edges. At one point, with the living room chair, coffee table, side table, and couch covered in fabric.... my boyfriend looked around and claimed that "he didn't know what he was getting into." lol. Oh well. I'm all finished now and ready to get things organized.

I'm first going to make the valances. Hopefully that will make the house feel more complete. Hanging these two little things did wonders... It actually feels like I'm starting to get decorated!

(p.s. don't judge my dirty pot holder.... I stuck it in the pizza by accident while I was trying to cut it this weekend. oops!)

After that, I want to get back into quilting again. I got all my pieces printed for the Farmers Wife Quilt Along and I'm going to cut out templates soon. I've cut out fabric for 4 of the blocks. They're just waiting to be sewed up! Maybe I'll get a couple done this weekend after the valances.... Wish me luck!

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