Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five!

Thank goodness its Friday.  This week went by fast.  But I think that's only because there was SOOOO much to do.  I had to keep a list of stuff to get done and as I checked stuff off, before I knew it, another day was gone....

I'm linking up for Friday Five again this week.  Check out everyone else who links up over at Carolina Charm or one of the other girls' sites!!

1.  I've seen on Pinterest and several blogs about doing your own gel nails.  I'll be the first to tell you that I refuse to pay $15 for a bottle of nail polish.  Or $50 for some LED light to do my nails.  So right when gel nails were getting popular, I saw on a site to use Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps acrylic nail gel under your polish and it does the same thing.  I've been searching high and low.  And for some reason never checked my normal grocery store..... boom.  There it was.  And its done great so far!  Mind you, I've only had my nails painted for 2 days... I'll give an update later to let you know how it lasts!!  And only $5!!!  I also used another Pinterest trick to put a bandaid on your nail to paint the white tips!  Genius.

2. A year ago today.  I was sitting on the beach.  On my honeymoon.  Thanks Timehop.
3. We have a Halloween party this weekend!!!  Me and the girls are being Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  I'm currently trying to figure out what the hubs will be.... Its last minute, so it has to be quick and cheap!!

4. Currently... I have ONE. MORE. PAPER. to finish before I'm done with my degree... ONE.  This is what my life is like right now.  However, I'm baffled that its already the 24th.  October... where did you go????
5.  Speaking of countdowns.  I bought my first Christmas gift yesterday.  I'll sign off with this:

Happy Friday yall!!!

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